The guqin (古琴) is a seven-stringed zither that is over 3,000 years old. I’ve been studying guqin since 2019 with Weeteng Soh’s Cool Fragrance Qin Loft, based out of Singapore. She is of the Guangling Pai lineage of players, originating from the Jiangnan area of China. Since the pandemic, we have done video lessons. Because of the time difference, our lessons began at 7am or 8am in New York City, and 9pm or 8pm in Santa Barbara.

I first discovered the instrument after attending an introductory class I was invited to by a friend while working in Singapore, and I immediately fell in love with the quiet, bassy tone.

my recording setup, january 2023
my guqin, banana-leaf (焦葉) style, august 2019
my early video lesson setup, march 2020